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Stage Contabilità Generale

Sesto San Giovanni

In Hilti Italia siamo alla ricerca di una brillante risorsa da inserire in stage nel nostro Dipartimento Finance a supporto del team del Share Service Center. Sarai coinvolto nel migliorare il processo di fatturazione IC e nell'implementazione del sistema di controllo interno per i clearing GL.

Intern- Enterprise Architecture

Switzerland, Buchs

Have you ever wondered what a career in IT looks like in a multi-national, global company? Have you asked yourself what an Enterprise Architect does in such a global company? Are you curious about how our innovative solutions and products work together to deliver the best experience and services to our customers? If you answered Yes to all the above questions, then we’re interested in hearing from you! We are looking for the next generation of high-performing engineers or managers, multi-lingual technical talents, on the way to be graduated, to take our company forward.

Intern – Product Management Tool Service Solutions

Liechtenstein, Schaan

You will support the Global Service Solution Marketing team on creating and deploying new service offerings to drive service leadership throughout the industry for Hilti. By orchestrating various functions across the organization, you will contribute to provide a seamless customer experience that drives customer loyalty and creates sustainable value. Start date is flexible to the student's availability, duration for at least 6 months.

Intern or thesis student- Data Science in Manufacturing

Liechtenstein, Schaan

As an intern/ thesis student you will be based in the manufacturing department in the headquarter of Hilti in Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein. Your responsibilities will cover different projects ranging from applying Machine Learning algorithms to predict machine failures to analyzing machine and process data to detect non-conformities to Image Recognition to automate quality inspections. Start date Start immediately for 4-6 months.

PRAKTIKANT/MASTERAND (M/W/D) Industrie 4.0 in der Praxis

Thüringen in Vorarlberg

Wir suchen für die Dauer von ca. 6 Monaten einen motivierten Studenten (m/w/d) zur Unterstützung im Bereich Industrie 4.0 im Hilti Produktionswerk in Thüringen, Vorarlberg. Sie erhalten einen Einblick in das einmalige Produktionsumfeld eines dynamischen und internationalen Unternehmens. Eine individuelle Einarbeitung und die Zusammenarbeit mit erfahrenen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern im Technologie Management und der Produktion ermöglicht es Ihnen, wertvolle berufliche Erfahrungen in einem globalen und modernen Produktionsumfeld zu sammeln.

Mérnök gyakornok


Ebben a munkakörben felelős leszel a Hilti mérnöki termékek és alkalmazás ismeretek folyamatos bővítésével, az ügyfelek napi szintű műszaki támogatásáért. Számítunk együttműködésedre a területi mérnök csapattal és az értékesítő kollégákkal, a mérnöki szolgáltatások értékesítése céljából. Fiatalos, dinamikus csapatban dolgozhatsz, ahol személyes fejlődésedet szakembereink segítik és lehetőséged nyílik a karriered építésére egy professzionális, technikai innovációkat felvonultató vállalatnál. • Betekintést kapsz az alapvető mérnöktanácsadói és értékesítési feladatokba

Praktikant (m/w/d) Gebäudemanagement/Bauprojekte

Kaufering nahe München

Wir suchen motivierte und flexible Praktikanten (m/w/d), die aktiv im Gebäudemanagement am Standort Kaufering im täglichen Betrieb der Liegenschaft mit 120.000 m² Nutzfläche sowie in zukünftigen geplanten Bauprojekten mitarbeiten. Sie unterstützen als vollwertiges Teammitglied (m/w/d) die Bauprojektleiter (m/w/d) bei der Projektabwicklung, das Tagesgeschäft im technischen und infrastrukturellen Gebäudemanagement, die Fachgebietssachbearbeiter (m/w/d) bei Störungen und Kleinaufträgen sowie bei der Dokumentation von Wartungen.

Werkstudent (m/w/d) im Bereich Finance


Wir suchen ab sofort eine/n Werkstudenten/in (m/w/d) zur Unterstützung im Kreditmanagement am Standort Kaufering. Sie erhalten für mindestens 6 Monate einen Einblick in ein erfolgreiches, dynamisches und internationales Unternehmen. Eine individuelle Einarbeitung und die Zusammenarbeit mit erfahrenen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern ermöglicht es Ihnen, wertvolle berufliche Erfahrungen zu sammeln und den Grundstein für einen späteren Berufseinstieg zu legen.

Intern- next generation recoil optimized high energy tools

Liechtenstein, Schaan

As part of a multi-disciplinary development team you are the leading force behind our next generation recoil optimized high energy tools in order to optimize impacts on operators and setting quality. Here you develop innovative ideas/ concepts and drive their implementation into prototypes. Duration: 3 - 6 months

Intern- Technical Marketing BU Fire Protection

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Conduct a marketing initiative, targeting engineering and architectural customers. Research customer needs and requirements, analyse applications and potential solutions, create a marketing and communication package of digital content and tools. In your role, you will interact with global and local teams on a regular basis and act as a point of contact between the Fire Protection Business Unit, global branding and digital unit. Start date is flexible to the student's availability, duration for 6 months

Intern or thesis student- Quick Fix Drywall Screw Development

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Your task is to investigate the fastening limitations of Hilti and competitor drywall and framing screws. You will test the screws with respect to current and novel fastening technologies. Measures for improvement are to be defined and tested. Start date is flexible to the student's availability, target start date 1st August, duration: 6 months

Intern or thesis student- Smart Drywall System

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Your task is to develop concepts to improve the existing drywall screw fastening system and bring it to the next level. You will drive the investigation into smart tool features for a future generation of drywall screw drivers. As part of an interdisciplinary team you will test concepts to improve the tool. Start date is flexible to the student's availability, target start date: 1st August, duration: 6 months

Intern or Thesis Student- System Modelling and Optimization for DX Products

Liechtenstein, Schaan

You’ll play an important role to bring major innovation in direct fastening (DX) product line by modelling and optimizing the complete application, including DX tool and consumables. You will investigate the working principles of the system in collaboration with our R&D experts and apply machine learning to find out the optimal design parameters. This position offers a gripping experience of cross functional role with simulation, testing and product development. Start date is flexible to the student's availability, duration for at least 6 months

Intern- Prototype Engineer in R&D

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Your task is to ideate, develop and test prototypes for new visionary product concepts. Existing concepts need to be evaluated and refined, followed by a corresponding proof-of-concept under laboratory and job-site conditions. This is an interdisciplinary technology task with focus on hands-on mentality and the spirit to think outside the box. Start date is flexible to the student's availability, duration between 6 and 12 months.

Intern or Thesis student – innovative and flexible packaging concept for Hilti’s HQ consumables plant

Liechtenstein, Schaan

You`ll be part of our local unit team and able to bring in your expertise to help us to bring our packaging to the next level. The project contains different aspects, such as defining a future state with stakeholders and crafting a path to the defined state. Here your communication skills are necessary equally as your engineering and innovation capabilities. The result of your concept has a high chance to be transferred into life. Duration for at least 6 months